Brandon Olson

AWeber - Marketing Communications Manager


Brandon Olson is the head of PR and social media at AWeber, a leading email marketing and automation platform that has helped over 1 million small businesses, entrepreneurs and online creators connect with their audiences and build profitable businesses. With more than 14 years of marketing experience, Brandon helps small business owners market themselves more effectively and achieve greater success using email marketing and automation.


Brandon will be presenting the below:


7 Email Campaigns You Can Send to Quarantined Clients Right Now

With the stoppage of in-person events, you may have wondered “Should I even bother my clients at a time like this?” or “What would I even say to them?” or “Is it even worth promoting to my audience when events aren’t even happening?”

The reality is, event planning hasn’t stopped and people are still looking for your services. You need to stay top of mind. Email marketing is one of the best ways to build an engaged audience and connect with and nurture potential clients.

In this session, you will learn how to engage your potential clients using email marketing and automation. Plus, you’ll get real-life examples of the types of email campaigns you can send to your future clients right now during the pandemic.