Chad and Vivi

Chad Coe

Head of Hardware Sales @ LAPP


Chad Coe is the head of product sales for LA Photo Party’s award-winning photo booths and has worked for the company for 7 years. He has been a keynote speaker at top tier trade shows and educational conferences all over the world. Chad works with customers to fulfill their goals of creating memorable activations that can grow their company and bottom line.


Head of Software Sales @ LAPP


Vivi is Head of Software sales for LA Photo Party. Born with an insatiable thirst for technology he has proven his credentials both out in the event field and in helping clients find the right software fit for their needs. Personable, affable and steely calm when chaos erupts, his voice and vision are forever forward thinking. Especially when thinking about your next software steps. Or Aircraft.

Chad was featured in Super Boothers: The Photo Booth Business podcast. In the episode below, he and Paul Culos discussed the process of software and hardware development at LAPP.