Josh Daniels

Josh Daniels

Partner | Giggle and Riot Funbooths


Josh Daniels is a jack of all trades in the business and sales world. He got his BA in Environmental Studies from the New College of California. Professionally, he has worked as a brand and account manager in luxury wine sales as well as owning his own green building and construction management company. His ability to forge new relationships with corporate clients and event coordinators throughout California has paved the way for success in his business.

Josh owns and operates a thriving photobooth company and photobooth consulting firm called Giggle & Riot with his partner, Olin. He is in charge of all business relations, day-to-day management, HR, and accounting. His business operates throughout the larger Sacramento, Napa/Sonoma, Monterey, and San Francisco Bay Area regions. Josh is in the business of making people laugh and leading the way for fun. 

He is passionate about good food, great wine, kayaking, and exploring the outdoors. Josh’s drive for innovation and his exposure to different industries has provided him with diverse skills that set propels him further in his business. 

Presentation Description

Josh will be speaking with his partner Caroline Winata on “Creating a Unique Photo Booth Brand”.

Topics that will be touched on in the session include:
  • What exactly is branding
  • The importance of branding
  • Branding in a COVID world
  • Building a unique brand
  • Developing a unique brand message