Josh Pather

CEO & Founder | Photo Booth International


Josh Pather was born in South Africa and immigrated to the United States in 2001 with nothing more than a few bags and a strong desire to succeed.

Fast forward to today and as CEO of Photo Booth International, he has empowered over 3,000 Photo Booth entrepreneurs in 19 countries (and counting!). Josh not only helps photo boothers get started, he uses his marketing expertise to help guide them to grow their business and make more money.

He was awarded the coveted “2 Comma” Award from Click Funnels TWICE. This means he generated over 1 million dollars in revenue through a single online marketing funnel… and he did that two times. Because of his success with online marketing, Click Funnels decided to feature Photo Booth International as a case study in an official documentary.

At PBNY 2020, Josh will be presenting a talk titled “10 Strategies I Use To Bring In 100s Of Photo Booth Leads A Month” where he will unveil the marketing tactics he uses to book gigs.

Josh Pather lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Jazmine. He continues to care deeply about his customers’ success in the Photo Booth industry and now mentors people and businesses to find greater success through his Inner Circle Mentorship program, PBI Experience, and on his YouTube channel.