Peter Dancewicz

Peter Dancewicz

SEO Expert


Peter Dancewicz is a widely respected online marketing consultant from GoodGoodSEO who understands how to navigate the ever-changing online landscape. He has facilitated web projects, launched many websites, and trained business owners to manage their online presence. Peter understands the marketing process and how it directly affects a company’s ROI. Peter practices and believes in strong and clean content-based marketing that search engines love.

Peter is also an in-demand photographer and photobooth service provider making him ideally suited to discuss SEO. Peter has grown his photo booth business from 1 to 9 units in a short span of time, and all web traffic has been organic to his website.

Presentation Description

Getting free organic traffic is an ideal goal for all business owner’s. Online marketing can be hard, but you as a business owner can do a lot internally with some guidance to ensure you structure your strategy correctly.

SEO to put it simply, is the art of optimising your website for search engines i.e. Google. Being listed in your service area for your key words by Google may seem hard at first, but once you have a regular and constant content contribution and link building strategy you will reach a wide variety of prospects who are searching for your services.

Being in the photo booth industry we service a wide area and service various client types. You can optimise your site to ensure you are one that ranks at the top of search engines.

Peter will cover what you and do internally to ensure your website is optimised and be ranked in search engines to maximise your website traffic.