Shelly Rangsiyakul



Shelly Rangsiyakul is a multifaceted entrepreneur and creative director that has worked in advertising, fashion and tech industries for the past 17+ years in both New York and Los Angeles. She is the founder, CEO & Creative Director of POPsocial, an experiential photo & video creative agency. Through POPsocial, Shelly and her team create next level photo & video booth installations to reinvent social technology for iconic events like Coachella, Amex, Adidas, Vogue, Google, Facebook and more.

Shelly is passionately proactive in women empowerment & event marketing. Her company, Be Your Own You (BYOU), creates events to gather female creators, collaborators and social architects with the goal of supporting women who believe in empowering each other’s passionate ideas and efforts in pursuit of success.

Shelly is also a firm believer in work/life balance. She believes in the power of regular travel, self love and friendship to support a more successful and productive business. She strives to influence from the inside out.

Behind the scenes video of Coachella activation