PBNY Shift to Digital

Announcement - PBNY Shift To Digital

Scheduled for week of June 22nd

Call to Adapt

I’m sure many of you have been wondering what will happen with PBNY. The truth is, I’ve been racking my brain on the best way to move forward for all parties, given the current state of things.

While everyone has their own opinion in regards to the virus, as an event organizer I have a couple primary concerns. One is to put together an incredible program with industry leading speakers and high quality content. But more importantly is to ensure that everyone attending feels safe and comfortable. No matter how great the content, a conference can not be successful if only half the speakers and half the attendees show up.

It is with that lens that I am officially announcing that PBNY will shift to an online digital conference and we’re moving up the dates to June 22nd – June 26th.

Shifting to digital makes too much sense, and that is why you see many other major conferences/events doing the same thing.

I’ll admit that I resisted this at first because it wasn’t my original vision, but after sitting with it for a while, I’ve realized that there are significant benefits to this change (more on that below).

I also wanted to set an example for people in our industry. We can either sit in the corner and wait to see the world change and zoom past us… or we can lean into the change and grab the bull by the horns. I choose the latter and I’m advising all of you to do the same.

That is why the theme of this first PBNY can be summed up in one word… 


In times of chaos and change, there is incredible opportunity.

It’s one thing to learn theory and read about what happened. It’s a whole other thing to be in the trenches living through a massive historical shift.

PBNY will be the very first time you’ll get to hear in depth from industry titans.

What moves and changes have they made?

How do they view the future?

What should we be doing right now and in the next few months?

How are people pivoting and future proofing their business?

How are virtual booths being pitched and does that service even have potential?

Imagine being in the room with the world’s best during a time like this.

It’s why I truly believe PBNY is now more important than ever. Now is when you really need this knowledge and guidance. 

That’s why, with all the early signs of reopenings around the world, we’ve decided to move up the dates to June.

When else would you rather have a mastermind of the greatest event professionals?

I can’t help but think back to Blockbuster vs Netflix. While Netflix was adapting to new technology, building a new streaming platform and breathing down Blockbuster’s neck…. Blockbuster was feeling the pressure. They needed to find ways to adapt and increase revenue. Their answer?

They added snacks and candy aisles to their stores.

Think about how laughable that is now. But, they were in their bubble, looking at things through the lens of what worked in the past.

Netflix was adapting and leaning into change.

We all know how that turned out.

What type of entrepreneur will you be?

I hope you join us at PBNY and learn how to adapt from the industry’s best. Not only to survive in a changing world, but to thrive and grow.

Having said all that, this is how I broke down shifting the conference to digital. As with anything, there are pros and cons.


  • Safety / Comfort / Convenience – everyone can participate from the comfort of their home. It can’t get any safer or more convenient than that.
  • Save money on travel, hotel & dining – it’s no secret that TWA Hotel was not cheap. The shift to digital allows you to save likely over $1,000 on these expenses
  • More content – If the main reason you wanted to attend PBNY was for the content, then this is a huge positive. We’re no longer limited by time in a conference room. So speakers have more time for their presentations and Q&As. You will get way more content than before. We can now even add more speakers to the lineup. Stay tuned to hear more about this in coming days 😉 
  • More accessible – People who were unable to attend previously, now can. More photo boothers around the world will be joining in



  • Lack of “in person” and physical element – it is difficult to replicate the in person networking & browsing of exhibits, getting hands on with physical products, etc online
  • NYC – you don’t get to visit the big city and see the sights


Both of these are cons in general, although I imagine that at this current time many people view it as a positive not having to visit NYC and be in large crowds of people.

To offset the cons and any potential disappointment you may have, I am giving everyone partial refunds.

I have not seen any other conference take this extraordinary step of giving attendees money back. They’re all just shifting to digital… with no refunds.

By the end of June, you will receive a partial refund to bring your final ticket price down to $299. I hope this refund, combined with the savings of not having to travel, are a huge help to you and your family. I know that now more than ever, every dollar counts.

Note: If you purchased a bus ticket, you will receive a full refund for that ticket as well.

In addition, everyone will have access to recordings of all presentations for 1 year. These recordings will later be listed for sale at a higher price than the PBNY ticket. So by buying a ticket now, you save money as well as get access to the information now when it’s most valuable. This is my way of thanking you for supporting the conference from the very beginning.

I will also take care of PBNY attendees in other ways. For example, you will receive exclusive discounted rates whenever the next conference takes place.

These are truly unprecedented times. My vision has always been to help people in our industry. I personally took on great financial risk to try and fulfill that vision with this conference. While we have all been affected by this pandemic, I hope that you feel confident that I’ve done everything I can to handle this as best as possible for everyone involved.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with these changes, or you have any feedback you wish to share with me in general, please feel free to reach out to me directly at info@pbny2020.com