Speaker Info

Speaker Information

Thank you for considering being a speaker at PBNY 2020! It would be an honor to have you participate in our inaugural conference. We’re really trying to do something special for the industry.

I understand that it is quite a commitment to be a speaker, as I have personally been in your shoes many times before. Here is what we are able to offer:

  1. Elevate The Industry – It’s your chance to pay it forward. You get to truly help people get past real roadblocks in their business. Everyone in the audience is struggling with things that you’ve already overcome. Your talk can have a transformative impact on their life.
  2. Free General Admission Ticket (valued at $649+) – You’ll have access to all other sessions and the rest of the conference
  3. Networking With Other Speakers – There will be opportunities to network and connect with your fellow speakers and industry leaders.
  4. Daily Catered Lunch – You will receive complimentary catered lunch
  5. Exclusive Affiliate Program ($50 per referral) – You will receive your own unique promo code and for each person who purchases a ticket via your link, you will receive $50 (and the attendee will receive a $50 discount). This incentivizes speakers to help promote the event and hopefully will help offset the cost of your attendance. There are a variety of ways to promote the event. One of the most effective has proven to be posting videos in Facebook groups online discussing the material you will cover in your session.
  6. Status – You will be speaking in front of your fellow speakers as well as an audience full of rising stars and the future of the industry. The attendees have made a significant investment in attending. They want to be there and want to hear from YOU. Cement your standing as a leader in this industry at the hottest photo booth conference of the year.
  7. Convenience – No matter how you’re traveling in to our venue, it couldn’t be more convenient. There is a parking lot right in front of the venue. There is a train line (accessible from Penn Station) that stops right in front of the venue. And if you’re flying in to JFK, you literally land at the airport… and walk right over. I wish it was that simple for my speaking gigs!
  8. Fun – Lastly, you’ll have lots of fun. The venue (TWA Hotel) is absolutely incredible. You’ll also be in close proximity to NYC. We’ve purposefully left the nights open so that people can hop into the city and have fun. If you’ve never been to NYC before, there’s an unlimited amount of sight seeing to do in the greatest city in the world 🙂


One thing that sets PBNY apart from other conferences is that the speakers are heavily vetted and by invite only. There is no way to apply to be a speaker. I believe you are someone who should be on that stage. Please let me know ASAP if you agree by emailing me at info@pbny2020.com.